Nothing going on

No knitting to report. Have not been in the mood lately with all that is going on with my family. Maybe I will knit again in the future. Not sure when.


Well, not much to report on the knitting front. I am still working on the candle flame shawl for my mom. I sure hope she will like it. I will have to see if she will have my pops take a pic of it and then mail that to me as I no longer have a didgital camera.

Hope to change that soon as I am now working for the State of Oregon in the Child Welfare department. I do relative searches for kids in foster care. The state would rather place the kids with family than strangers as it makes it easier on the kidlets.

Well, that damn frog has hit again. I have ripped out the scarf I was working on for my mom for Christmas!! This is the final time this will happen as I am going to toss the damned pattern in the garbage. No offense to the author of the pattern, but I just can’t take screwing it up any longer. I have tried to knit this darned thing several times and have had enough!!

OK, rant over, I think. I am going to try to find another pattern that I can work with interuptions and not screw it up!

I think that my favorite yarn to work with has to be Caron Simply Soft. I just love the way that it feels in my hands and it works up so nice. As for my least favorite yarn, well that has to be anything that is novelty type or Boucle. I do not like the way that either of them feels in my hands, nor do I like working with them because they tangle so easily.

Well, I finished making Karen’s ….. ah, still can’t tell you. LOL It is all pacjkaged with all kinds of goodies and waiting for me to get money to send it off to her. I have pics of ALL the goodies that I included in the box. There are LOTS of them. I can’t post pics of anything until after she gets her package. I am hoping to be able to send it out next week. UGH! I hate when money doesn’t come in when it should.

Here is a pic of the bookmark I made today. Did not take long at all and I loved making it. I will be making more and of course, giving them away as gifts.

My First Bookmark

Becci’s Afghan

Here is a pic of the afghan that I am making for my daughter.